Petroleum Installations

City of Montreal Several gas stations including reservoirs, turbines, lighting, decontamination, leak detection and turn-key projects.
STCUM Several reservoir replacement projects and pumping systems for garages: St-Henri, Frontenac, Legendre, Anjou and St-Laurent.
Montreal Port Numerous reservoir replacement and removal projects.
Hydro Quebec Projects including, reservoirs, interceptors, oil pumping systems, etc.
T.P. Canada Reservoir projects and installation of gas stations on several sites.
C.S.D.M. Removal and replacement of reservoirs in several schools.
Rolls Royce Installation of jet fuel reservoirs and interceptors.
Pratt & Whitney Numerous jobs on existing petroleum installations in all Pratt & Whitney manufacturing plants on the South Shore of Montreal.
Nexacor (Bell) A number of reservoir projects, generator connections, TLS control systems, interceptors and other petroleum-related work on numerous Bell Canada facilities.
City of Saint-Leonard Set standards for several gas stations and used oil reservoirs.
City of Laval Removal and replacement of reservoirs at the Pont-Viau pumping factory.

Municipal Projects

City of Montreal Landscaping installations and management of several public parks (Jarry and Jean Brillant)
City of Lachine Landscaping installations in (5) parks.
City of Westmount Landscaping installations and management of numerous city parks.
City of Lasalle Specialized sewer work and pathway development and maintenance.

Management and Restoration of Contaminated Soil

SNC Lavalin Archaeological trenches in Montreal S.T.C.U.M. Site decontamination at the Frontenac transport centre.
S.T.C.U.M. Site Decontamination at High Tension Laboratory IREQ (Varennes).
Hydro-Quebec Site Decontamination at High Tension Laboratory IREQ (Varennes).
S.U.D.M / D.D.H Rehabilitation projects in the basements of (2) buildings in Montreal’s downtown district on Sherbrooke St.
D.D.H Decontamination of an old fuel plant in Dorval.
Tecsult Several decontamination projects on company facilities.

Civil Engineering Management and Facilities

Komatsu Several projects at the Candiac facility (machinery bases, gutters, flagstones, etc).
Canamera Parking lots, fencing, flagstones, flooring, roofing, etc.
Private Construction of a multi-functional building.
Nexacor (Bell) Construction of numerous service facilities in Granby and Joliette.
City of Montréal-RDP Construction of (2) public facilities.